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10 Things You’d Wish You Knew Before Backpacking in Australia

Many backpackers visit Australia with a working holiday visa. It is definitely one of the greatest decision they will ever make in their life towards discovering themselves. But there are many, who while booking with us, from their home, ask us on how Australia is different and what should they expect from their visit.

If you are looking for what you should expect from your visit then this blog is just for you.

Knowing the things mentioned below will not only help you to know what to expect but also make you prepared on the things you will be faced with. We have formed this list after asking many backpackers in Perth, Australia, about what are the things that they wished they’d have known before their visit.

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Things you ought to know before your visit to Australia

1. It does get really cold

Being the largest island on Earth, people do not expect it to get really cold. But guess what, it does! Australia also experiences winter like other countries. You will not face a really cold climate in Perth but if you visit Melbourne or Sydney, expect yourself to be all wrapped up in layers and using a heater.

2. It is hotter than you would have imagined

Australia gets really hot with temperature reaching to a whopping 40 degrees Celsius, that is a 104 degree Fahrenheit. For the people who are rejoicing about being in a sunny country, mind well, as this temperature is really hot and might burn your skin, especially if you come from a colder region. This temperature can make you can fall sick as well. Always keep sunscreen and a bottle of water at your disposal.

3. Backpacking is costly in Australia

If you have already backpacked your way around Asia and other countries then this one is going to make you worry a little. Backpacking or even travelling in Australia, in general, is a costly affair. Thus, ascertain your budget before you commence your journey.

4. Australia is definitely bigger than its map

The Aussie land is certainly huge. For a country that is the sixth largest in the world, Australia surely looks small on the map but is actually not. It has many states and they all have something unique to offer. Thus, plan your trip wisely to experience as much of it as you can.

5. Not as dangerous as you might have heard

There are many who see Australia as the land full of millions of deadly snake and spiders and water full of sharks. But we would like to dismiss this thought here and let you know that is not at all dangerous. The risk of actually, accidentally, encountering them all is quite less.

6. Chances are that you will meet more backpackers than the locals

Australia is the melting pot of backpackers from all around the world and so there are chances that you will end up meeting more backpackers than the locals. Due to this, there are several new hostels in Perth, Australia which are affordable and also offers some great services as well.

7. Will develop a taste for the goon

Australia is costly and so are the alcoholic beverages available there. If you wish to save on your drinking expenditure then do try goon. Goon is an Australian boxed wine. Backpackers do not like its taste but it is really cheap so they kind of develop a taste for it. You can almost buy 4 litres of goon in a quarter!

8. Will never find any place as stunning as the West Coast of Australia

West coast has some amazing places to offer. Book your hostel accommodation in Perth and visit them all. We can assure you that they are stunning and nothing like the places you have been or seen. To know about the places you should visit on the West Coast, do read our blog on ‘Perth’s Wishlist: Locals’ Guide to Visiting the Place’.

9. The choices of adventure are endless

Be it water sports, events. trails or concerts, Perth will keep you engaged. There are so many things to do in Australia, that you will run out of your days before running out of activities to do.

10. You will surely fall in love with it

There is no place like Australia and being here will change your life as you will learn to live your life the Aussie way. So much so, there are many who do not wish to part ways with Australia at the end of their journey.

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