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6 Important Things to Pack When Backpacking in Perth

There a few travellers who believe in going minimalistic while packing their things but there are many just love their stuff and would like to take it anywhere they go. No matter what kind of traveller you are, all will agree on the fact that there are a few essentials that no one should ever miss.

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Important Things you should Pack while Backpacking in Perth

Actually, no matter which country you travel to, you need to keep the following essentials to yourself:

1. A photocopy of your Passport

No matter how cautious you are, there are always chances that you are going to lose your passport. It can be misplaced or stolen, in any case, it sucks. Thus, you need to have a photocopy of your passport, to not only get it replaced but also having a proof while your original one is lost. Always remember to contact your nearest embassy as soon as you realize that you have lost it.

2. Seasonal clothing and accessories

There are a few countries that experience weather like Australia. What is different about the weather here? You will experience all the seasons here. Being a coastal country, people never really imagine Australia to have really cold weather. It does not snow but it surely gets really really cold. Be prepared for all these weathers by packing seasonal clothing and accessories.

3. Beach, camping and other general outdoor gear

Australia is a natural wonderland and an absolute delight for campers and backpackers. There are many walking trails for which you will need sturdy shoes. With some great spots to go camping, you would like to bring your own mosquito nets, camping supplies and insect repellents, along with a sleeping bag, torch, two-way radio, matches and most importantly, a backpack.

4. Medical supplies and toiletries

Basic toiletries are available in any city but if you are into something specific, then consider bringing them along with you. While getting personal stuff for your trip, remember to get,

  1. Lip balm
  2. Basic first aid kit
  3. Creams and oils

5. Phone charger

We all know how much we rely on our phones while travelling. To make it work in its best condition, try keeping it fully charged. Try to check on both, the wall plug and the USB cord before you pack them.

6. Cash

With the world going digital, you would surely want your payments to be digital as well. But it is not always a better choice. Many might have recommended you to travel with cards rather than cash but we would like you to have a bit of cash in your wallet as well. If you are ever in a need of an ATM, you can check out the app called around me. It is an awesome app that is free and will point you towards the nearest ATM, petrol pumps, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and other places, based upon your location. Try to intimate your bank before you travel overseas as they sometimes they can treat your overseas transaction as an alarming sign or theft or cyber crime.

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