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7 Types Of People You Will Meet At A Backpacker Hostel

There are two types of travelers. One who like to associate themselves with luxury, while the others are ready to take on any adventure. Among these travelers, the latter chooses a Backpacker Hostel for a more inclusive stay.

Backpackers are open-minded, who have a wanderlust for cultural diversity. These people travel for people more than places. Thus, a backpacker hostel is an absolute fit for them. It is also great for people who are on a budget.

One thing is certain while being at a backpackers’ hostel that no matter which hostel you stay at, you will definitely come across a few personalities with whom you will either share your room or hostel.

Being one of the most preferred backpackers’ hostel in Australia, Mumma’s Hostel has prepared a list of people you are more likely to encounter at a hostel.

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1. Guitar Player

This kind of traveler mostly hangs around the common area. They know the greatest of songs and keep the fellow travelers entertained. They are the spark that keeps the mellow party going.

2. Party Animal

The Party Animals know all about the EDM events and parties. If you are looking for one wild night on your adventure trip, you should go out with them. They will know the best places to have a good time.

3. Introvert

Introverts like to keep things to themselves. You can almost always find them missing the action or quietly observing it all. Have stayed at many backpackers’ hostel but could not find an introvert? Well, you could be the introvert.

Note: You will never know if they like you or are just shy. You will have a fun time figuring that out.

4. Veteran

In your first encounter with them, they could easily pass by as a manager or the owner of the hostel, But do not be deceived, these veterans have just been living at the backpackers’ hostel for a long-term and are willing to stay there more. They have their own favorite spot and knows the hostel better than the staff and the owners. A few of them can be the wanderers who are trying to find themselves or someone who has taken a sabbatical from their work to travel the world.

5. Blogger

You can easily spot a blogger as they will always be on their phone, iPad or laptop. They will consistently ask you to click their photos, at every place you visit together. They seem to be like any other traveler until you check them up on Instagram and be stunned by their thousands of followers.

6. Most Experienced Traveller

Want to explore an unexplored place or wish to be invited by the locals for dinner or stay? The experienced traveler has done it all. They are like the oracle, they know it all. They can easily give you a fruitful advice instantly.

7. Snorer

When we say snorers, we aren’t talking about the normal snores that people have at night. We are talking about earth-shattering, death rattles that no earplugs can barricade. If you have shared a room with the snorer, you know what we are talking about.

Want To Experience A Stay At A Backpackers’ Hostel?

While choosing a hostel, look for a cohesive experience and read reviews to know if it matches your vibe. But if you don’t wish to go through the painstaking process of choosing a backpackers’ hostel, then blindly pick Mumma’s Hostel in Australia. You will not be disappointed!

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