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Backpacking in Perth Without Spending Too Much Money

Despite being an isolated city, Perth surely has the charm to leave you mesmerized. Being on the western coast, Perth is known to be the sunniest city in all of Australia, due to which there are many backpackers who feel that they should visit Perth, at least once in their lifetime. The city enjoys being around the Swan River and has a fluid character with a relaxed vibe. With a calm serene nature to the eclectic nightlife, Perth has the best of everything. With so much to offer, you might be wondering, ‘how much does it cost to be in Perth?’. Well, the answer is below.

 Perth Hostel Accommodation

How Much Does Backpacking Perth Cost?

If you are a budget traveller then Australia will not be on your list. It surely is a paradise but not for people on a budget, and being a part of Australia, Perth is also believed to be costly, but it’s a wrong notion! In fact, Perth is the cheapest metropolitan city, when compared to other major cities in Australia.

Perth has seen a quick and recent boom in a few years with the mining industry on the rise. With this, the city also saw an increase in the number of backpacker hostels in Perth. Currently, Perth is in its post-mining days, due to which it is experiencing a boom of travellers from all around the world. The prices in Perth are increasing at a much slower rate than other capital cities of Australia, making Perth’s hostel accommodation prices, the cheapest in Austalia. So shush all the noises around and add Perth to your list of destinations to be.

Perth Budget Backpacking Tips

There is always a way to over-spend and below we have mentioned a few tips on how not to. Consider these as an insider’s tips before heading to Perth.

1. Where to find food?

If you are a budget backpacker then you should definitely try the daily specials of pubs around. These specials include meal combination that is not only cheap on your pocket but is fulfilling and tasty as well. You can visit Little Asia for such amazing and delicious deals.

2. Where to find a drink?

With the clubs in Perth, every night there is a new deal (literally!). The clubs in Perth are pro towards the backpackers and provide special offers and free entries for them. They even sometimes provide backpackers with transportation, back to their hostel. Other than these, travellers also receive special drinks, on top of their free ones. Try contacting your hostel accommodation in Perth, to know all about the happening places around and to know exclusive offers for backpackers.

3. How to commute?

You can save a lot with public transportation in Perth. How? Just get a SmartRider card. It can help you save up to 15% on the price of your single ticket. This card is great to travel with the city. If you wish to travel to another city, you can take a train, rather than booking an Uber as it is a cheaper option.

Where to Stay in Perth?

There are coolest neighbourhoods in Perth that are popular than others. The most prominently chosen by backpackers from all around the world is CBD (Central Business District) and Northbridge. While CBD is a great place, you might want to stay closer to Northbridge, to not only stay in close proximity to the local tractions but also surround yourself with some great restaurants, pubs and bars, to make the most of Perth’s nightlife! Choose Mumma’s hostel for your hostel accommodation in Perth. We have an affordable yet comfortable stay for everyone. Call us for know more our hostel and amenities to 0490 888 766 . Our rooms are limited so you might want to hurry!

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