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Busting 5 Myths About Cheap Backpackers Hostel

When people think about backpacker hostel in Perth, they instantly surround themselves with an idea of dull living, but are they right to think of them that way?

It might have been true a few years back but today, the situation has changed completely. Many of today’s hostels have hotel-like amenities and provide a comfortable stay with a unique experience. Many people feel that these hostels are for cheap backpackers in Perth, who are looking for a comfortable stay. This isn’t true.

With this blog, we aim to make people realize that backpacker hostels are for all by busting the 5 common myths about them.

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Common Myths of Backpacker Hostels

1.Hostels are only for young people

When the younger generation is looking for a place to stay, they generally look for two things, affordability and freedom and backpacker hostels offer both. This makes the cheap backpackers’ hostels a prominent choice in their list. But hostels are for all. Being the most preferred hostel in Perth, we have hosted a mixed crowd, that included people across a range of age groups, gender and personalities.

If you wish to know what kind of people will you bump into when you book a stay at Mumma’s Hostel, Perth, check out our blog on ‘7 Types Of People You Will Meet At A Backpacker Hostel’.

2.Backpacker accommodations are human zoos

We won’t call it a zoo but it is surely more lively and bustling with people than Hotels. When people think of booking a stay with a hostel, they believe they will be packed in small rooms with more people, making them feel as if they are held up against the wall. This depends upon the kind of backpacker hostel you choose. The newer ones have modern amenities and wide living space, allowing all to have your own privacy, even in shared rooms.

3.You can only party in a hostel

Every hostel hosts many parties each week but this does not imply that you won’t have quiet time for yourself. You just need to choose a backpacker hostel according to the vibe you wish to have.

4.All hostels are dirty and uncomfortable

This is probably the biggest myth that people have. Well, there are a few hostels that are best when avoided but these are in a slim minority. Majority of backpacker hostels have better amenities, some of them even match at par or surpass the quality of amenities of a hotel. Again, it all comes down to which one you pick. With a hostel like Mumma’s Hostel in Perth, you can expect clean common areas, modern bathrooms, spotless kitchen facilities and fresh linen.

5.Cheap backpackers are dangerous

This one is a bit more judgemental, on top of being a myth. When people think of fellow travelers who are travelling on a budget, they instantly judge them to be poor and looking for quick money. This is highly delusional as even some of the richest travelers travel on a budget. Think of these travellers as mentors who can help you see the coolest of places which are away from the crowd and rooted to local culture. This will let you have a more rich and grounded experience and help you make memories that you won’t have in a hotel.

The ideal place for backpackers in Perth

Book a comfortable stay with Mumma’s Hostel in Perth. We have some superior amenities and services that will enable you to have a healthy and cozy stay at affordable rates. Call us at 0490888766 to know more.

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