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Choosing a Backpackers Hostel: Useful Backpacking Life Hacks

Without having traveled to the city, state or country before, finding an accommodation is not an easy task. Sometimes, you might have to take a leap of faith and rely on the owner’s word. To help you find your next accommodation easily, we’ve listed some of the important things that a Backpacker’s accommodation must have.

Hostel Accommodation

If you are traveling to Australia, you must have already realized that accommodation in Perth is expensive. Therefore, most backpackers opt for hostel accommodation which is advantageous for two reasons:

1). Hostel accommodation does not burn a hole in the pocket.
2). Hostels are the perfect place to meet people from different places and get to know them and their culture.

So, if you are looking for hostel accommodation in Perth, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1). Cleanliness. I was once told that if I ever wanted to find a place to stay for a couple of days I must always check the bathroom and kitchen first. If they are maintained well and are clean, then there’s nothing to worry about. So while picking a hostel, do check how regularly they clean the rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms.

2). Just like accommodation, food and dining are also very costly in Perth. So, look for hostels that provide complimentary breakfasts or at least serve coffee and tea regularly.

3). Flexibility in check-in and check-out timings. A good backpacker’s accommodation usually takes in visitors at both, early as well as late check-in times. After a tiring journey, it is slightly frustrating if the hostel you’ve booked does not allow you to check-in till 2 pm. Similarly, if your accommodation allows you to check-out late, then you’re investing in a good hostel.

4). We cannot stress this enough, pick hostels with locker facilities. You’d be surprised by how many hostels charge you extra for lockers. Most backpackers have electronic items that they’d like to keep safe and getting charged extra is a deal-breaker.

5). Network in Perth is not that strong. So we recommend that you find a hostel that provides free Wi-Fi. There are many hostels which charge extra for the usage of their internet. However, there are affordably priced hostels that provide access to their Wi-Fi for free.

6). Check the amenities provided in the common area. Every hostel has a common area. Some of them just have sofas and cushions for people to hang out. Others go an extra mile and install TVs, keep musical instruments and books handy in their common area. This area is conceptualized to assist solo travelers in socializing.

7). Where is your hostel situated? A good distance from most of the local tourist spots is a great location for a hostel. If the hostel is extremely remote, it might cost you a lot to travel to and from your hostel every day. Also, you would be spending more time traveling than enjoying the locations around.

Affordable Perth Accommodation

If you are still confused with which hostel to pick, you should pick us. At Mumma’s hostel, we not only check off most of the items on this checklist, but we also provide more. Call us at 0490 888 766 to find out more about the services we offer.

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