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A Comprehensive 2 Week Guide to Backpacking in Perth

Perth, capital of Western Australia, was founded by Captain James Stirling in the year 1829. The city quickly rose in population due to activities like gold mining, petroleum extraction, and agriculture exports.

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Although slightly isolated, Perth is a beautiful place to visit. With spring just around the corner in Australia, Perth makes for a wonderful travel destination.  It has the perfect blend of serene scenic beauty and the bustle of a city.

Here’s a Comprehensive Guide to Backpacking to The Gorgeous City of Perth

1. Travel to Perth

There are plenty of ways to get to Perth. You could choose air, water or land depending on your budget. There are plenty of airlines which take you to Perth airport. Perth city is less than half an hour away from the airport.
If you don’t mind a longer journey, then trains are a feasible option too. You could even drive to Perth and get a wonderful experience of a road trip in Australia.

2. Accommodation – Hostel, Perth Australia

Food and stay in Perth can get slightly expensive. So most Backpackers in Perth, choose hostels. These are less expensive and are either single accommodation or shared accommodation.

If you are searching for hostels in Perth, Australia, we’d suggest you try out one of the best hostels in Perth, Mumma’s Hostel. This hostel chain is cheap and also comes with multiple benefits like free breakfast for a week, free tea and coffee, unlimited WiFi, etc. By opting Mumma’s hostel, you can save up money on food too.

3. Travel Within Perth

Traveling within Perth depends on your itinerary. Listed below are some of the modes of travel within Perth:

    • Walk

Most tourist attractions are walking distance from each other. If you like the exercise and want to closely experience the city and its culture, you can walk around. It is the cheapest mode of transport.

    • Bikes for Rent

You can rent bikes in Perth. They cost about 25$ AUD per day. You might be asked for a security deposit.

    • Transperth

Transperth offers a bus service that operates frequently. The best part is it is absolutely FREE for areas around CBD, Fremantle, and Joondalup! Most of these buses operate during day time. They take various routes. You can find the schedule information on their website.

Transperth also offers trains, buses and ferry services. Since you’d be visiting Perth for two weeks, buying a SmartRider, an electronic ticket, is adviced. SmartRider calculates the cheapest price and also saves up 15% on the actual fare. You can recharge the SmartRider and use it for any of the services Transperth provides. To obtain a SmartRider, reach out to any Transperth Information Centre.

4. Places to Visit

There are plenty of beautiful attractions in Perth. Listed below are a few must-see places:

    • Kings Park

This park is situated on the top of Mount Eliza. It is the home to a wonderful botanic garden with about 3,000 species of flora. It also overlooks the Swan and Canning Rivers. To the east, you get a beautiful view of the Darling Ranges.

    • Beaches

Beaches are for everyone! If you have a family, you could visit some of the family beaches like Rockingham beach or Swan River.
If you love water sports, you must visit Rottnest Island or Penguin Island for snorkeling and, Trigg Point and Scarborough for beach surfing.

    • Perth Zoo

Although zoos are a major tourist attraction for families and kids, Perth Zoo is heaven for animal lovers. Built in 1898, it is home to some unique wildlife.

    • Art Gallery

Art Gallery of Western Australian in Perth was built in 1895 and has collections of both Western Australian art and International art. If you’re someone who likes art or wants to understand the culture and customs, you must visit the art gallery.

    • Aviation Heritage Museum

Built in 1979, this museum contains some of the most astonishing exhibits. Moreover, it has an abundance of information on military and civilian aircraft.

5. Things to do in Perth

    • Bibbulmun Track Hike

Stretching from Kalamunda, Perth to Albany on the Southcoast, this trek is said to be one of the longest treks. It covers over 1000kms.

    • Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions in Australia are popular means to socialise and get drunk. Some of the popular Sunday sessions happen in Fremantle. This is a fun way of getting to meet locals and mingling with them.

    • Nightlife in Perth

If you want to experience some of the best nightlife in Perth, you could visit backpacker Northbridge. You’ll find some of the best restaurants and clubs.

    • Gold Rush

To visit Perth and not learn about its Gold Rush would be a loss. Visit Perth Royal Mint to learn about gold mining and also get to see how gold bars are made.

After a long day of exploring scenic beauty like Perth, returning to the comfort of a warm resting hostel in Perth would be blissful. We recommend Mumma’s Hostel for such a delightful experience! To find out more about the deals they offer call 0490 888 766.

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