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Coolest Neighbourhoods in Perth that are a Must-Visit!

Being a well-known backpacker hostel in Perth, we know some of the amazing places that you must visit when in the city! Let us check some of the coolest neighborhoods in Perth that are a must-visit.

The heart of Perth City is surrounded by a cluster of urban villages each reflecting some distinctive personality and culture. Although being an obvious choice for travelers to explore, the Capital of Western Australia is considered to be one of the world’s most isolated city.

Perth is spread across a vast area stretching more than 100 km from north to south. Know the suburbs before you plan a trip where the excellent bar culture, boutiques, museums, etc. never fail to entice the locals as well as tourists.

Must-Visit Places & Neighbourhoods When Backpacking in Perth

1) Claremont

ClaremontClaremont is known for shopping hubs and some of the best dining options in Perth – with just 20 mins drive from the main city. It has a fascinating garden, river foreshore, museum, and a series of heritage walking trails. There are community events every year. Claremont is extremely beautiful and worth a visit.


2) Mount Lawley

Mount Lawley

Mount Lawley was named after Governor Arthur Lawley. This inner suburb is known for its nightlife. It is a great place for dining and shopping for some beautiful locally made clothes, jewelry, bags, etc. Mount Lawley is the home of designer stores and artist spaces.

For people who would want to spend some time with a glass in hand, there is this historical Queens Tavern, champagne room, wine of hall, and many other wonderful places to enjoy. However, Lady Lawley or her ghost would surely be disappointed as while naming the only condition she had put up was complete restrictions to drinking.

3) Beaufort Street

Beaufort Street 2Five mins north-east of Perth city is Beaufort Street. Here, you will find the most cosmopolitan section of Perth.

The Beaufort Street Festival held in November every year is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Also, the Monday night market is one of the best places for food lovers. You can also enjoy some live rock concerts when around.



4) Leederville

Leederville is 5 mins north-west of Perth city. It is known for its amazing dining and shopping areas. You can enjoy the sidewalk restaurants with excellent seafood along with Spanish and Asian cuisine. The eclectic strip is the most happening place here.

Interested in arthouse films! Lune Leederville is a must-visit. It is one of the few operating Art Deco cinemas working all the year-round.
Leederville has free wifi and you can see a lot of people sitting at Foam’s couches and working. Foam on Oxford St, Re Store, Pixel Coffee Brewers, Bill’s Bar and Bites, etc., get even more energetic during the weekends.

The bus service is also amazing – especially the free Green CAT bus which runs between Leederville Train Station and Esplanade Busport. The train ride is not more than 3 mins from the city.

5) Mount Hawthorn

10 minutes north-west of Perth city is Mount Hawthorn. It is known for its heritage buildings and trendy eating joints.

6) Cottesloe

Cottesloe is one of the oldest suburbs in Perth. You can find here tall Norfolk pine trees which are probably planted a hundred years ago. Cottesloe is also one of Perth’s most popular beaches with some excellent restaurants and pubs.

Students’ population is high here as it gives space to the campus of the University of Western Australia on the river’s edge. Outdoor concerts are also popular due to this. Cottesloe has been known for its age-old structures with a style not seen elsewhere.

7) Guildford

Guildford is one of the oldest and best places for antique shops and tea houses. Enjoy burgers along with pea and ham soup at Alfred’s Kitchen which has been there for more than 5 decades.

Guildford is the gateway to Western Australia’s first Humane food and wine region – Swan Valley. It is not more than 30 mins from Perth. For more interesting stuff, Guildford has the most haunted pub in Western Australia – Rose and Crown Hotel.

8) Maylands

This place is known for its trendy cafes and bars, antique stores and outlets, and most delicious food. The Maylands Hawker Markets, every Saturday night, bring in a lot of attraction and entertainment for the locals as well as tourists.

9) Northbridge

NorthbridgeNorthbridge has great establishments for art and theatre. It is considered to be the cultural epicenter of Perth. Nightlife is the most happening time of the day. Cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, and all you can think of are served here. Northbridge is known for the maximum number of bars in Perth.


10) Fremantle

Fremantle was once Australia’s roughest laid-back port city. Europeans transformed it completely. Today, it is known for its heritage buildings with a rich working-class history.

It has transformed into a cultural hub with excellent music, boutiques, and galleries. A trace of the Europeans is still evident in the cuisine and coffee.

This town has made a place for itself by winning America’s Cup in 1987. The museum has all the proud history. You can also take a look at the Fremantle Prison or the underground tunnels. Fremantle is on the water – the harbor town of Perth. Markets here are open during the weekends, therefore, the entire place is in a different mood.

11) Subiaco

Subiaco, 5 mins west, is one of the best suburbs in Perth. Besides being old and historical, it has great taste in having some of the best restaurants and jewelry outlets. People enjoy theatre at the Regal.

There is a Saturday Market which is a great attraction for the people here. Subiaco is one of the best places for foodies both for vegetarians and meat-eaters.

12) Victoria Park

10 mins south-east of Perth is Victoria Park. It is full of cafes, restaurants, and shops worth exploring. It also has Perth’s longest dining strip – Albany Highway. Another interesting place is the Crown Perth – a magnificent entertainment complex.

13) Gosnells

Just 20 km away from CBD is the City of Gosnells. Events and festivals including ghost walks, yoga, skating, etc. are always one of the main attractions of this place. Canning & Southern Rivers, Mary Carroll Part wetlands, Ellis Brook Valley wildflowers, and walking tracks are some of the must-visit areas in Gosnells.

Perth is considered to be one of the most vibrant and energetic cities of Western Australia. It has the most amazing beaches and other tourist attractions. Surrounding areas are a must-visit when you plan a trip to Perth. Explore for yourself – why is the most isolated city on earth, one of the most loved and desirable destinations for tourists.

Now, that you have a list of places to visit, start planning your trip! Book your stay with us to know why we are one of the best hostels in Perth, Australia. We will be happy to assist and help backpackers in Perth and ensure that you have a great time in the city!

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