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Healthy Travel Snacks to Carry While Travelling Via Plane

If you are a frequent traveller then you will be very well aware of the common health issues that you might have encountered. Most of these health issues are related to your stomach. These issues mainly depend on the kind of food you are consuming while travelling via plane. Many travellers or backpackers, in order to cut costs, are more inclined towards having packaged snacks and food on the go. Such meals are not only unsatisfactory but are unhealthy as they tend to leave an adverse dietary trigger, making the backpackers unwell.

While travelling with planes, you might feel that the food is not appetizing or might rarely have an option to even purchase something nice for your stomach and tongue. This is when a little planning goes a long way. Being one of the best Perth hostel accommodation in providing better breakfast for all backpackers, we can surely help you pick terrific snacking options, that you can take along with you in your hand luggage or backpacks!

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For When You Are Travelling via Plane

Many backpackers just assume that they are not allowed to carry food on the plane but that is not the case. Liquid foods like smoothies and soups are seized at the security and we feel that they should. We mean, do you really wish to slurp them during a turbulence? But there are other great snacks that are airline approved and are a healthier option when compared to the standard airline meal. You can carry the following while travelling via plane.

1. Home-made Sandwich

It is always a winner as it can not only be prepared easily (even by people with no culinary skills) but also does not require any cutlery. Open your sandwich to the choice of your fillings and have a fulfilling snack on your flight.

2. Popcorn

Being high in fibres, popcorns were definitely supposed to be on our list. These can help you pass away your travelling time, without even requiring an in-flight movie along with it.

3. Bananas

Different countries have different rules regarding the produces and veggies allowed on the plane, but one fruit remains common BANANA! Bananas will keep you energized as it is full of potassium.

4. Granola Bars

Stock up on Granola Bars and you are good to go! Granola Bars are a great substitute to the plane’s unappetising breakfasts.

5. Dried Fruits

Many people recommend eating ‘five-a-day’ which means having five portions of fruits and vegetable a day. Follow this by stocking up on dried fruits. They are easy to carry and can be consumed directly like Granola Bars.

Healthy Foods That Are A NO-NO For Your Plane Journey

The following foods might seem to be a healthier choice but are a complete disaster to consume while travelling. Try to miss these ones out!

1. Seafood and Tuna

Tuna and seafood are unsafe to store without a proper refrigeration. Also, it has an unappealing smell that might make your fellow passengers uncomfortable.

2. Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are a great sandwich filling and definitely a healthy snack but we would not like to be anywhere around you when you find it sitting at the bottom of your backpack for about a week.

3. Soft Cheese

Soft cheese can spoil easily as they warm up almost immediately. As it spoils, it gives a really bad smell, which just like the seafood, can be affecting your fellow passengers and you.

Try to carry plenty of napkins and tissues, just in case your snack gets messy. You should also plan ahead for something else. Your Backpacker Hostel Accommodation! Many places tend to encourage advance bookings as their places remain packed throughout the year. Thus, before you commence your journey, look for all the hostel accommodations and pick one that is suitable for your budget and needs. In case you are looking for backpackers Perth accommodation, book a stay with Mumma’s Hostel. book a stay with us today!

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