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Important Tips to Stay in a Backpackers Hostel

Is it your first time staying in a backpacker hostel in Perth and do not know how to exactly adjust in the hostel environment? Don’t feel helpless as we are here to help you out. Below, we have mentioned a few important tips that can help you have a comfortable and quality stay in backpacker accommodation in Perth.

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Tips to have a Comfortable Stay in a Backpacker Hostel

1. Pick your Hostel Wisely

Hostels come in various shapes and sizes. With shapes and sizes, we mean the space of the hostel along with its culture. It is an old notion now when people say that the hostels are only for the youth. There are have been couples and even families that are opting for backpackers accommodation in Perth. This due to the fact that it is cheaper as compared to hotels. But not all the hostels will fit with your priority.

Before you book a hostel, try to check for reviews as to what kind of guests does the backpacker generally host. This will determine the culture of the hostel and you will be able to select a backpacker hostel that works well with your own priorities. Also, there are hostels that provide free breakfast, free WiFi and some amazing vouchers among other amenities. Try to go through these before booking.

2. Be Sociable

It is time to say goodbye to your introvert behavior and be proactive in reaching out to the people around you. If you are planning to live in a backpackers’ hostel in Australia, then you need to know that there are chances that you will end up in a dorm with some complete strangers. You can turn those strangers into some great friends by just being sociable with them. Your interaction can also help you familiarize yourself to the new place so always be open to knowing the people around you.

3. Pack accordingly

Backpacker hostels do not usually provide bed sheets, towels or toiletries. This makes it important for the travellers to get their own utilities and essentials that can keep them prepared for the hostel experience.

What should the backpackers in Northbridge carry?

  • Eye mask
  • Earplugs
  • Mini toiletries
  • Travel towel
  • Sleeping sheet
  • Small padlock
  • Flip flops for showers
  • Reading light

4. Think about security

Let’s face it, we all travel with laptop, iPods, DSLRs and smartphones along with us. It is pretty common but make sure that you don’t leave them abandoned in your room. When you are looking for a backpacker hostel in Perth, try to look into the most critical amenity, which is the locker. The good hostels will always have a provision of lockers or they might even have a safe behind their reception area.

But also try and carry a small padlock to keep your valuable belongings safe as not every hostel offers a locker.

5. Make use of local knowledge

Your hostel can be an abundance of local resources and knowledge. Some of the hostels offer local tours while some offer you maps and suggestions that are quite different from the popular tourist attractions as they will let you delve into the local culture and cuisine. Get hold of hostel authorities or veterans to show you around.

6. Pick a bottom bunk

Despite the fact that the bottom bunk is closer to the ground, thus no problem of falling down, it also has another major benefit. The bottom bunk beds offer great privacy. You can also hang a sarong from the top bunk bed and add more privacy to the existing one of the bottom bunk bed.

7. Familiarize yourself with hostel etiquette

You are hardly going to meet the strangers you are sharing your dorms with but this should not affect your behavior with them. Try to think about them a little before going head-on with your decisions. Some decisions, as minor as bringing in food in the dorm, can affect the people staying with you. Thus, try to familiarize yourself with your hostel surrounding and try to make your stay comfortable for you and everyone around you.

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