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Know All About The Hidden Cost of Hostel Booking Sites

While booking a backpacker hostel or even a hotel, you might have noticed a few extra charges being swooped in on your total bill. You might feel cheated as the website you are booking your backpacker hostel from had promised a lower hostel charge on your booking. In the end, you will just end up scratching your head as to what does ‘Hostel Fees’ or ‘Resort Fees’ mean?

Many of these websites claim that these ‘Fees’ are drawn by the backpacker hostel itself and go to them. But what if we tell you that the Hostels never receive it and it’s all just a hoax?

Backpacker Hostel Booking

Let us take a look at a few of the problems faced by people while booking a backpacker hostel in Perth, Australia.

1. Increasing the cost of your room with every click

Many people have noticed that as you log in frequently on a site, searching for a particular backpacker hostel, the price of it keeps on changing (increasing). This is a fault of your own doing. As you click on a particular backpacker hostel, it starts popping up on the ‘popular’ listing, making it more and more costly. To avoid this, try booking it in a go or check the listing again after a day or through someone else’s IP address. This can help you have the basic price on your hostel booking again.

2. Additional Charges

As we have covered earlier in the article, there are many sites that list additional charges on the total of a backpacker hostel booking. They claim that the pricing and the additional costs are controlled and collected by the backpacker hostel. But that is not the case. In one way or the other, these charges go to the website or the listing itself.

What Is The True Problem?

Many travellers believe that the sites need to survive on their own and thus can charge an amount but these sites also charge a hefty 12 to 15% of the commission to the backpackers’ hostel on every single booking.

Most of the backpacker hostels in Australia get their guests or bookings through online sites. As the backpacker hostels are also running a business and wish to have enough to keep it running, they are going to list an amount that can keep them covered even after paying the commission to the listing. This will make the guests pay more.

Then Why The Backpacker Hostels Still List Their Place Online?

If you ask us personally, we would love to stay offline but as the world is online, so should us. Commissions are quite hefty and they are ever-increasing on the reservations or bookings. This is due to the fact that these sites are able to bring in traffic that we as individuals fail. So if we are not on the list, we are losing huge business from these sites.

How Can You Save Yourself From The Additional Charges?

Website listings are a great place to view the hostels and compare the prices and reviews, that can help you choose a backpacker hostel for your stay. You still have the choice to check the hotel’s website and book your stay there. This will help your wallet stay away from the additional charges, while hostels will be able to provide you with a commission-free price on your stay.

Call The Best Hostel in Perth!

We are not trying to shoot the website listings down. In fact, we are in great terms with these websites, but many of our guests have complained about these problems so we thought of taking the matter into our own hands and address the issues.

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