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Perth Backpackers Guide: Smart Traveling Tips & Things to Know

Securely tucked into the Western Coast of Australia, Perth is one of the most beautiful cities with rich cultural history and treasured places, albeit isolated with the nearest big city, Adelaide, more than 1300 miles away. With its gorgeous beaches, expansive green space, humming coffee shops, lively neighborhoods, and friendly backpacker hostels, it is increasingly gaining popularity.

Perth Backpackers Guide: Smart Traveling Tips & Things to Know

We have put together this guide with useful information and backpacking essentials to help you with smart traveling and have a memorable stay in Perth.

When to Visit Perth?

The best time to be in Perth is during September, October, or November when you can explore the remote provincial capital city without being interrupted by rains. You’ll be greeted by scorching temperatures from December through February, and lots of rain from June to August, which is why March to May, with warm days perfect for outdoor activities and lounging around the beach, is probably the next best time to be in Perth.

How to Get Around Perth?

The public transport system here works on a zone system. You can buy a ticket for a particular zone and travel by ferry, train, or bus until it expires.

Bus Service

The best way to explore the city is by buses, also known as the Central Area Transit buses or the CAT. They run on color-coded routes throughout Perth and offer free services to cities like Joondalup and Fremantle.

Note: Most of them begin operating around 6-8 am and stop their service around 6-8 pm.


The city has an excellent rail system covering most of the suburbs and the downtown.

Note: SmartRider cardholders can enjoy the benefit of free traveling between a few of the main stops like from City West to Claisebrook.

Taxi & Rentals

You can call ahead to book a taxi for commuting, easily hail one on the road, or use the services of Uber. If you want your own wheels, Perth also has car rentals from where you could rent one to get around the city.

Note: While driving a car in Perth, you must keep in mind that the vehicles have the steering wheel on the right and Australians drive on the left.

Bike or By Foot

If you have enough time and want to explore the best-kept secrets of city leisurely, the ideal way to go about it is either by hiring a bike or traveling by foot.

Note: There are several rental shops for bikes in the city’s central business district such as Cycle Centre and About Bike Hire.

How to Stay Safe in Perth?

You may have questions like:
Is Perth city safe?
Is Perth safe at night?

To answer these questions, besides pickpockets being a problem, Perth is one the easiest going cities with a low crime rate. Having said that, you must keep in mind that it is good to be cautious and alert while backpacking in Perth to avoid being mugged. To be safe in the city, take note of the following:

  • Northbridge can be notorious in the early hours of the day as well as during late nights.
  • Wellington Square can draw the wrong kind of attention, particularly at night.
  • Be alert while driving during the night time because it is not uncommon to come across wildlife on the road.
  • Avoid traveling on certain train lines such as Armadale, Victoria Park, Rockingham, and Kwinana during late hours.
  • You must be cautious while on the beach as the ocean in Perth can be unpredictable.
  • Do not get overwhelmingly drunk!

With these travel tips in mind, you can have a great stay in the remote city of Western Australia, experience all that Perth has to offer, and take away incredible memories for a lifetime.

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