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Perth’s Wishlist: Locals’ Guide to Visiting the Place

The coasts that have the most to offer in Australia is the Western Australia coast. With many places to visit around, many travellers choose to be here. Perth is one of the major cities on the West coast and so the backpackers wish to stay in Perth. This helps them to be in close proximity to the attractions that WA has to offer.

Perth is a beautiful city filled with diversity and adventures in terms of the places around to visit and things to do on your visit. Perth is often underestimated when compared with Melbourne and Sydney but it is definitely the place to be and should be on your travel checklist as well.

Being the best hostel in Perth, we have hosted many travellers from around the world who had their own wishlists and agendas to visit Perth. If you wish to visit Perth and want to form your own wishlist, then you are in luck as we present the must-visit places that travellers have on their wishlist while visiting Perth!

1. Rottnest Island

This island is not only popular among the tourists or travellers but the locals as well. It is a great way to spend a lovely weekend with your friends as it has some great walking trails, stunning white sandy beaches, an array of marine life, snorkelling and bike rides on the trails.

Why Should This Be On Your List?

Quokka Selfies

You might have heard about ‘Quokka Selfies’. This island is probably the only island in this world where you can get a selfie with the most adorable animal, Quokka! But do remember, no matter how friendly they are, you are not allowed to touch or play with them, it is an offence.

2. Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo is a great outing for family and friends. It is unlike any other zoo with some great never-before experiences.

Why Should This Be On Your List?

Perth Zoo

If you are an animal lover, this should definitely be on your list. The Perth Zoo allows all the visitors to get really close to Koalas and Kangaroos and let the backpackers or travellers even pet them.

3. Pinnacles Desert

Pinnacles Desert is located in the Nambung National Park, amidst the different sizes of pillars of limestones and a big open plain sandy area. It is about 2 hours away from central Perth and is beautiful beyond imagination.

Why Should This Be On Your List?

photographer's’ delight

This place is a photographer’s’ delight. With some stunning attractions that appear almost like moon craters, you would definitely want to stay there longer.

4. Kings Park and The Swan River

You can plan a whole day out on this one of a kind inner-city park, the largest in the world. It has about 400 hectares of botanical gardens and parkland that will keep your eyes engaged.

Why Should This Be On Your List?

The parkland

If you are a history buff, then you will surely love this place. The parkland has a historical war memorial in remembrance of those who paid the sacrifice. It is a picturesque picnic spot, making it an excellent hand-out place.

5. Mandurah

Experience the beauty of Australian waterways and coastlines by taking a cruise to Mandurah. It is a great balance of development and nature, with some great properties along the coastlines.

Why Should This Be On Your List?


If you are fascinated by dolphins, then Mandurah is for you! By taking a cruise to Mandurah, you can have great opportunity to spot dolphins and see them living in their natural habitat.

6. Mumma’s Hostel

If you are someone who is looking for an excellent option to meet new people and experience making mates for life, then book your stay with Mumma’s Hostel. It is one of the most preferred backpacker hostels in Perth.

Why Should This Be On Your List?


It has a special theatre room where you can watch tonnes of movies for the day when you do not wish to travel. Mumma’s Hostel provides amazing amenities at affordable prices. To book a stay, contact on 0490 888 766. Get in touch today!

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