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Questions to Ask When Looking for a Backpacker Hostel

When you are visiting a foreign country, you might already have a few questions on how it will be like and would be excited on the part that will come next. But do not let this excitement pop away. Get a hold of yourself to plan your trip wisely.

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Here we have mentioned a few questions that you need to ask the backpackers hostels in Perth, before booking a stay with them. This will help you to understand the costing that can go behind your stay and select a hostel in Perth that suits your budget and other needs.

1. Are there lockers?

Many hostels do not offer separate storage for your personal belongings. Thus, it is a great question to ask first. When you travel, you may have several personal belongings that require separate storage as these can include valuables.

There are a few hostels in Perth, Australia that offer individual lockers to store the valuables. Backpacker hostel exist with the concept of mixed dorms which makes the backpacker in Perth unsure about the person he will be sharing his or her room. Due to this reason, lockers are important.

2. Do you provide a Wi-Fi connection?

Just like hotels, even hostels provide WiFi to their guests. But similar to these hotels, some hostels charge for their WiFi services. You might want to check on it before you check in a hostel in Perth. The Wifi charges can be really high so you should prefer the hostels who offer it for free.

3. How do I get there?

You need to know this before you book a hostel in Perth. Hostels that are in close proximity to the city center are easily accessible from anywhere. So before you book a backpacker hostel, ensure that the hostel is in the city center and has good accessibility to public transport. For instance, Mumma’s hostel has a great location. It is in the heart of Perth, Northbridge and is in close proximity to train stations and bus stops.

4. What is included in the price?

Different hostels offer different amenities. Some of these amenities are all inclusive in your room charge and others are chargeable. Know about these amenities before booking a hostel in Perth. There are chances that some amenities are essential for you but are charged differently. Look into it before picking a stay.

5. How are cleaning and laundry services?

If you are going to stay in Perth for a longer duration or are here on the working holiday visa then you might want to know more on the cleaning and laundry services, before booking the backpacker hostel in Perth. There are a few hostels that do not pay close attention to cleaning, making their guests question their own stay.

Get a Hostel that can give you a Comprehensive experience!

If you are looking for a hostel in Perth that can offer all the amenities in your budget then you should choose Mumma’s Hostel. Our fares start from as low as $12. Our professional and expert staff is here to help you with everything. We also offer free vouchers and coupons to some of the most exciting pubs and bars around. Call us at 0490888766 to know more!

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