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Reasons Why You Have Got to Choose a Hostel Over Hotel

Whenever travelers talk about staying in hostels, people judge them for their choices as they perceive hostels to be dingy, dirty, small and cheap. But we, at Mama’s Hostel continuously challenge these perceptions and have successfully broken these perceptions of many by providing the best in Perth hostel accommodation scene.

Tourists generally pick hotels and travelers mostly pick backpacker hostels for very obvious reasons. We stand by travelers and want you to know a few among many reasons why you should pick Hostels over hotels, just like fellow travelers.

1. Remarkably modern and comfortable:

The modern backpacker hostels around the world have better designs and interiors than many hotels, especially if you are traveling to big cities. We, for instance, have many modern amenities like free WiFi, theater room, table tennis table, pool table, Nintendo, PlayStation, air conditioning in every room, and electronic room keys, among many others. Our guests’ happiness and comfort is our top priority.

Backpacker Accommodation Perth

2. One employee many hats:

One employee working many jobs like cooking, cleaning, guides and handling luggage. Every staff member knows everything about everything. The travelers do not need to “go to the front desk” to ask the smallest of questions. The hostel office is always open for any sort of help. On arrival, the guests are handed a map, list of good restaurants around and recommended activities, along with security and safety advice.

3. A lively place:

Backpacker Hostels should be considered as the melting pot of different cultures from different countries. Every year, many travelers prefer to stay at hostels in order to meet new people and new friends. Also, hostels have a lively atmosphere as you can always find a company to hang out or go around with. One can easily find people cooking together or playing PlayStation together. All in all, you will never be alone, unless you want to be.

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4. Free breakfast and unlimited WiFi:

Almost every hotel charges for their WiFi and even if they provide it free of cost, they have a daily limit of usage, restricting you to a few MBs. Backpacker hostels know that the most important aspect of any stay is the traveler’s comfort and thus there are no restrictions on a guests’ convenience. We also provide free breakfast for all our guests, the best you can find in Australia!

5. An unforgettable experience:

Backpacker Hostels, like us, also throw amazing pool parties and pancake mornings, in order to give you an unforgettable experience. Besides getting to know a few people, you can also learn from their experience. Many travelers help each other out to explore the best places around and get to know places and trips that you never knew.

6. In touch with the local culture:

Many travelers end up being friends with the staff as they expose them to the local life and culture. Hotels might be able to show you all things fancy but they fail to get you rooted in a place or with people.

7. No chance of being homesick:

With many fellow travelers around, there are no dim days in backpacker hostels. You can always find yourself busy with something or the other. Travelers in backpacker hostels are always open for social engagement and the hostels themselves have organized activities to keep you busy.

Hostel Accommodation

8. Great Location:

Quite often the backpacker hostels are in the center of the city, making the city very accessible for the travelers. For that, you not only save time but money in transportation.

9. Everything included in affordable prices:

Imagine, all these experiences and conveniences at a very affordable price. Let us be honest here, in the end, everything comes down to your pocket. Hostels are certainly cheaper than hotels, saving about almost 50% on your stay, without sacrificing any luxury on your stay.

It’s time to think again! Backpacker hostels are the new uber cool hotels with a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere to hang around. Why should you pay more in hotels, when you get to enjoy the same amenities in hostels without burning any holes in your pocket?

Choose hostels and meet an array of people, right from solo-travelers to families. Choose Mumma’s Hostel, where mates become families!

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