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Signs to Spot a Bad Backpacker’s Hostel

Backpacking to Perth can be the most thrilling and exciting, yet an arduous experience of your life. Perth, situated on the Sunset Coast in Western Australia, even after being the world’s most isolated city never fails to fascinate you with its enticement. Backpacking to this lovely city can expose you to various experiences which at times could be worse than a nightmare, especially if the accommodation is below standards.

Backpackers always prefer hostels over hotels in Perth. Apart from being less expensive, it gives them an opportunity to socialize with other travelers.

Bad Backpacker’s Hostel

Let us check a few signs to spot a bad backpacker’s hostel accommodation in Perth.

No Customer Service

It is quite possible that most of the Perth hostel accommodations do not bother much about customer service after they start getting good business. Besides being less expensive, backpackers would also remember the kind of service received at the hostel accommodation. Catering to the basic requirements of the customers is all that is required. However, the irony is many hostels tend to forget the importance of word of mouth, good or bad, which spreads like fire.

Moreover, if the staff members take a hell lot of time to react to your problems, it’s not worth it. Always check for online reviews before booking a hostel in Perth. Also, a telephonic conversation with the hostel staff can reflect the kind of service they follow. You will know by their responses if they are interested in inviting and entertaining customers or not.

No cleanliness

Bed bugs are a major trouble makers in hostels which are not hygienic or cleaned properly. Their bites can cause skin rashes, other allergic symptoms, and even prominent blisters.

Overall, cleanliness of the rooms and wash areas is the most important requirement in any hostel. As the wash areas are usually common for dorms and used by many people, it is essential that they are cleaned more than once daily. Moreover, for every new customer, fresh and clean bed covers, pillow covers, and blankets are some of the basic requirements. Smelly blankets would not be preferred by anyone.

It is important for all the hostels to maintain basic hygiene standards. A clean environment is a healthy environment.

In and Out Timing Issues

You wouldn’t want to consider a hostel where there is no flexibility of check-in and check-out timings. For backpackers, it is very difficult to be time-bound, therefore, you would always want the freedom of movement. Usually, most hostels do not have timing issues, however, be sure before booking. It is one of the must-haves for hostels.


Many hostels tend to accommodate more people than expected. Moreover, the common area is not well-maintained and there is a lot of noise all the time. There is a party section which is open for all and it isn’t sound-proof. Hostels following these things can really be noisy which would be irritating for you. Avoid such places and look for a calm and quite accommodation where you can relax at the end of the day.

Also, if you have arrived late in the night and just trying to catch some sleep, you wouldn’t want to be woken up with the lights being turned on by someone who wants to party more or just be awake for whatsoever reasons.

Meeting and socializing is one part of backpacking, however, sleep is also very important for travellers. Select a hostel where the noise levels are low during the day and you aren’t disturbed at night.

These points would make it easy for you to choose a hostel which would give you pleasant memories of your stay in Perth. It is always recommended to book a hostel for one night only. If there is any issue, you can always move out. Backpacking to Perth has to be the most exciting adventure as you are in the land of beaches and entertainment. However, make sure you do a little research before booking the hostel accommodation.

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Travel Safe & Have Fun!

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