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Specialties of Perth You Must Know Before Visiting

At some point in your lives, you might have tried to crack out ‘mate!’ in an Aussie accent. You may or may not have been able to perfect the accent but we have other many incredible things that make us different. While visiting Australia, you shouldn’t miss out on our restaurants and delicacies and should add a visit to Perth in your itinerary.

Perth is a melting pot of travellers and backpackers from around the world. With this blog, we would like to list the specialties of Perth that makes it so unique and the travellers or backpacker who have been to Northbridge or any locality of Perth, will agree.

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What to See?

You can wander around or travel in the city on a free CAT bus. Perth has to offer many worthwhile attractions which are always in close proximity, no matter if you are a backpacker in Northbridge or in Scarborough. Generally, travellers like to stay in Northbridge as it is in the centre of Perth.

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There are many interesting things to see in and around Perth. We have mentioned below a few specialties that you should not miss!

1. Up close with Kangaroos

Australian zoos have designated areas for Kangaroos where they can roam freely and even wander near the visitor’s path. Below, we have mentioned a few parks and zoos near Perth where you can find these semi-wild Kangaroos.

  • Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park
  • Golf Clubs like- Joondalup Golf Club and Karrinyup Golf Club

2. Engaging Spectator Sports

Australians play two sports, namely, Football and Cricket. We have mentioned a few places below where you can enjoy these sports and learn a thing or two on why Australians love them.

  • Western Derby at Perth Arena- Soccer is known as Football in Austalia. Each year between March and August, the local teams of Perth come together every weekend and play each other in a match of football. It is so exciting that the stadium tends to be full and it is difficult to find the tickets.
  • A-League Soccer by Perth Glory Football Club- If you a soccer fan and are visiting Perth in Summer, you cannot miss the A-league matches at Perth Glory Football Club. They host these matches from October to March and have finals in April.
  • Cricket Tournaments by WACA- WACA stands for Western Australia Cricket Association and hosts a summer test match against England. If you are new to cricket then you can always begin with watching a Test Match as many believe that Test matches are a true form of cricket.

What Should You Do?

There are also a few things that you should do and are unique about Perth.

  • Swim Naked- The Swanbourne beach is the only beach in Perth that allows naked swimming. Also called as a Nude Beach, it is ideal for sunbathing on the beach and relaxing with white sand sunning down to meet the pristine blue water.
  • Go Wine Tasting- The Swan Valley is quite a popular host some of Australia’s best breweries and wineries. Not really regarded the best-seasoned wines but it is closer to Perth and so you can always go wine tasting and check out for yourself.

Food Specialities That You Ought To Try!

  • Cray Fish

Perth sees some great turn out of Western Rock Lobster or Cray Fish. Most of the crayfish produces are exported to USA and Asia at a substantially pricey amount. If you are willing to try this fish at a cheaper rate then you have got to be in Perth during summers.

  • Chilli Mussels

Chilli Mussels are highly popular in Perth. It is a local speciality prepared by cooking mussels in chilli-tomato jus. It is prominently available in many restaurants across Perth.

  • Truffles

Truffles are another great speciality of Perth. They are grown in Mundaring and Manjimup and are delicious.

Where To Sleep?

The cost of accommodation or stay is ever rising in Perth. Some even believe that that the average cost of a room is higher than that of Melbourne, Sydney or even Rome! For travellers who wish to stay in hotels, should plan to spend about $100 to $200 per night, depending upon the room and the hotel.

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