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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Backpacker Hostel in Northbridge

There are several hostel accommodations in Western Australia. So how should you choose the best Backpackers Northbridge hostel to meet your requirements?

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Well, we are here to help you out with the backpacker hostel selection! We have put together the following things to be considered before you settle on one:

Budget & Backpacker Hostel Prices

The most significant aspect of choosing a Northbridge backpacker is setting a budget. You do not want to spend so much on a hostel accommodation only to end up with a guilty feeling, neither do you want to spend very little to make you feel that you have needlessly scrimped on it! So get the budget facet right and check out the prices of the backpacker hostels accordingly.
While you are at it, keep your eyes open for any deals or combo offers provided by these hostels.

We, at Mumma’s Hostel, strive to make your trip memorable by offering excellent rooms from as low as $21 a night!

Location of the Hostel

Remember, location is gold, especially at a place like Northbridge which is lively with its culture, modern art galleries, eclectic performing arts, and so much more! So be sure to look at the location of your backpacker hostel. Find out if you have easy access to public transport or any other means of transportation without putting a dent in your pocket.

Rooms & Facilities

The facilities of the backpacker hostel can make all the difference! Ensure that the accommodation you choose offers amenities for a comfortable stay. Further, ask for the room alternatives with regards to the number of occupants in a single room and the bedding arrangements. In case you do not like to share your room with too many strangers, you could opt for the ones which accommodate only 1-2 other people.

Some of our amenities include:

  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Free WiFi 24*7
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Free coffee and tea 24*7
  • No charges for kitchen cutlery and towels
  • Table tennis, pool table, and foosball table
  • Netflix, free PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii
  • Free vouchers to the best pubs and bars in Perth!
  • You can also take advantage of the free shuttle bus that runs right from our hostel’s gate!

Check-in Options & Availability

Look for the check-in options allowed by the hostel. Most of them offer online room booking too, which can be easier for you. You can get a room booked with just a click!
Additionally, ask for check-in alternatives and hours. Not all hostels offer 24-hour check-in facility. Make sure that you are aware of your backpacker hostel’s policy regarding registering oneself and the documents they might ask for reserving a room.

Check out the Testimonials & Reviews

It is essential to find out what others, who had previously used the services of the hostel, have to say about it. You can be surprised at how much insight you can gain from this simple step, particularly, about the environment of the hostel, its staff, and so on.
Besides, you could also check out the images of the hostel posted on its website. It will throw better light on several aspects.

Keep these five crucial things in mind while looking for a backpacker hostel in Northbridge to breeze through the selection stage and get the best deal for a comfortable stay in Western Australia.

If you have any queries regarding Backpackers Northbridge accommodation, room availability, check-ins, and so forth, please get in touch with us at 0490 888 766. You can also book your stay with us online!

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