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Tips to Save Money While Travelling in Australia

Wish to visit Australia and scared of it being expensive? Being the most booked backpacker hostel in Perth, we have a way for you. We are here to give you a few tips that can help you save money and have a better budget for your trip.

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Tips To Save Money In Australia

1. Advance Flight Booking

To save on your plane booking or tickets you can:

  • Book your plane ticket in advance by booking it 6 to 12 months prior to your journey
  • There are certain hours of the day and days of the week when the cost of a flight booking is comparatively less. Thus book your tickets in weekdays, early morning and late night. It is commonly observed that tickets are cheaper at these days and hours.

2. Travel Insurance

This is not just for Australia but any place you go. Get a travel insurance before commencing the journey. It can financially cover you from most of the potential accidents while travelling.

3. Find The Best Time to Money Transfer

Do not lose too much on your transfer and choose the time to transfer money. How? Keep a check on exchange rates and when you feel that the exchange rate is favourable, then conduct the transaction. It can be great for people who are going to travel for a long time.

4. Do Not Get Your Own Car While Travelling

Buying or renting a car is costlier if you are not staying for a long-term in Australia. Thus you can rely on the following:

  • Car Pool: Carpool with fellow travellers and save money. How? There is a dedicated website along with several Facebook pages where travellers offer trips, in order to reduce their fuel cost.
  • Relocation: Car Rental Agencies have an option to move a vehicle from one agency to other, in a given timeframe and thus you come into the picture. Relocation can cost you about $1 to $5 in fuel, daily!

5. Choosing a Better Phone Service Provider

Rely on Australia’s low-cost mobile service provider with Aldi Mobile. They will help to save your money substantially on your phone bills.
Note: Do not forget to unlock your phone before leaving your country.

6. Book A Backpacker Hostel

Backpacker Hostels are the new-age choice for many tourists and travellers. Not only are they a cheaper option but give a homely feeling of being surrounded by your kind of people.

7. Save On Alcohol And Tobacco

Tobacco is costly in Australia and our cigarettes are considered to be among the most expensive in the world. If you like to smoke, then you can opt for rollies and buy from supermarkets at a cheaper rate.

Note: It is forbidden to enter the Australian territories with more than 50 grams of your own tobacco. If found with it, you can be fined!

Alcohol is also among the costlier end in Australia as it is one of the most taxed items. But you can be your wallet saver if:

  • You choose wine: Wine is substantially cheaper than other drinks and can cost you around AUD 10 for 4 litres!
  • Buy from a bottle shop offering a discount: There are many bottle shops which offer a discount on the bottles of wines, as much as half on some wines!

Note: Pre-boozing is an ideal option if you wish to have a lit club scene.

8. File For Tourist Tax Refund

You can actually file to get a tax refund on your purchases! How? The Australian government lets the tourists and travellers take a refund on their GST paid towards a bill exceeding $300 for physical goods, to be taken along with them to their home countries.

9. Check out the Deals Around

Check Groupon and other websites to get great deals daily. You can use their coupons and save more on your food and other expenses.

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