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Ultimate Perth Guide For Backpackers In Northbridge

The beautiful city of Perth is considered to be among the most isolated cities of the world. Being adorned with white sand beaches and pleasant water from the Indian Ocean, Perth is certainly a calm place to hang out in. Over the years, Perth has developed as one of the most favoured destinations for backpackers around the globe. It is great for people who are looking for a calm and serene place to lay off their worries yet also enjoy a great nightlife.

Mumma’s Hostel, being the most preferred backpacker hostel in Northbridge, has provided a complete guide on what you should look out for on your visit to Perth!

One Place You Cannot Miss:

Fremantle Markets

Fremantle is the place that has to be on the travel list of all the backpackers in Northbridge. It offers lip-smacking food with a calm port. It is southwest from the city centre. You simply cannot miss this place out.

Introduction To Perth For Backpackers in Northbridge:

Backpackers in Northbridge

Perth has a compact offering of everything good that Australia has to offer. Mostly the backpackers are attracted to the nightlife and hostels in Northbridge. From Northbridge, you can visit the Kings Park for a lush green outing along with a barbeque. Perth has everything that a backpacker can ask for. Northbridge is the heart of Perth and so is in close proximity to every touristry and non-touristry destinations of West Australia.


If it’s your first visit to Western Australia, then you might want to get a map from the Visitor Center located at 469 Wellington St., in case, your hostel runs out of one. The people at the Visitor Center are always ready to help and assist you with all types of information.

The Weather in Perth:

Perth enjoys a constant sunshine and warmth all year round. So, there is never an off-season to visit Perth. Note: You will experience a Mediterranean style weather.

In Perth, the hottest months are from December to February where the temperature sometimes rises beyond 40-degree Celsius. But as the level of heat increases, so does the humidity. So do not be surprised if you witness rain in the scorching sun.

Public Transport in Perth:

You will be mostly arriving in Perth by Air unless you are on an epic road trip across Australia. You can catch the City Shuttle Connect and get yourself to your hostel, hotel or Fremantle. It is cheaper than taking a cab. Try getting a smart rider card or a day pass for all your day to day transport in buses and trains.

Where To Stay?

Due to the inflow of travellers in Perth, there are many backpackers’ hostels in Northbridge. Pick yourself a stay that can offer many standard facilities among others. To know what you should look for, then do read our Checklist Towards Choosing A Perfect Hostel Accommodation and prepare your own!

If you are looking for an impeccable environment to meet amicable and similar minded people, then Mumma’s Backpacker Hostel in Northbridge is an ideal option for you. We proud ourselves in providing a friendly and fun environment for all travellers and backpackers in Northbridge. Call us now at 0490 888 766 to book a stay with us!

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