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What to do When an Airline Loses Your Luggage

If you are a frequent traveller, then you may have faced the dreadful situation of losing your luggage with the airlines. With millions of flights taking off from many carriers, there are chances that the airport staff can get confused between different types of luggage. This will let your luggage fly solo to some other city or country altogether, leaving you alone without your essentials. You certainly do not wish to experience this situation and if you are in one, you might wish to quickly get out of it. But how?

Being a popular backpacker hostel in Perth, we have hosted a few travellers who have had this problem. We have helped them with the process and we can help you too. We have prepared a guide of the things that you should do when your luggage gets lost by the airline staff. Know them and prepare yourself to deal with an unforeseen and troublesome situation.

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1. Prepare Yourself

We have witnessed many experienced travellers travelling only with a carry-on. They are not cheap but actually smart. They only travel with their essentials and keep it to themselves. Now, we are not suggesting this to anyone but you can always adopt one thing from here, keep your essentials close to you. There are certain things that you cannot travel without or are required for a comfortable stay. Keep them in your carry on luggage so you can never lose them. If the airline misplaces your luggage, you can at least have these essentials with you.

Other than this, you should click the photograph of your luggage and all the tags attached to it. It will help you in claiming it. Also, do get travel insurance. This can cover your expenses if you lose your luggage.

2. Keep Calm

Losing your calm isn’t going to help you at all. Keep yourself calm and composed while talking to the airport/airline staff as they are the ones who will help you find your luggage.

3. Do not panic

There are many kinds of baggage around the world that get lost, and most of them are found. For this, there is no reason to panic as there are chances that you will definitely find yours. The matter is not if but when.

4. Try and look around

There are many piles of luggage lying around the carousel often offloaded by fellow travellers in quest of finding their own or by the helpful airport staff who failed to find the owners. Look into them before your check with the authorities.

5. Report it, immediately!

There are separate baggage service centres where you need to report or re-claim your lost baggage. Different airports have different names but they serve the same purpose.

What should you do?

  1. Fill out a form called ‘Property Irregularity Report’ which means a lost luggage report. You will be assigned a case number on this.
  2. Write in detail about your bags and the things inside it. For this, keep a checklist with you of all the items you are carrying.
  3. Write down or take a photo of your case number along with your baggage receipts and boarding passes. This will help you to contact the authorities in a better way

Whom should you contact?

The last airline whom you were travelling with, is responsible for the loss of your luggage. Fill the form with them.

6. Ask for help from the authorities

If the airlines are responsible for losing your luggage, they need to provide you with funds that can cover all your basic necessities and essentials till the time you receive our bag back. This won’t certainly cover the lavish spending spree but will include all the basic essentials, so spend wisely. But before you do the math in your head, contact the airline staff immediately to assist you more on that as it is their responsibility to take care of you as it was their mistake that got you landed in this situation.

7. Getting your bags back!

When you will get your bag back, you will discover that it was on an adventure of its own and still came through for you to the nearest airport near you. But they should be closer to you thus let the airport do its job and pick a date to get the bags to you.

8. Filling for a claim

After finding your bag, you will have to file an official claim. There are specified deadlines and proofs you will need for the same. Get in touch with the airport or airline authorities to know more on that.

9. Enjoying your trip

Do not let this experience ruin your trip. As a new backpacker in Perth, let this be a learning experience and enjoy the beautiful sights of Western Australia in front of you.

Did you like our article? We have many more tips that can help the potential backpackers in Perth. To have a more local insight into Perth, book a stay with us at Mumma’s Hostel. Call us at 0490 888 766 to inquire more about our facilities!

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